Tuesday, 14 July 2015

Holidays with Children

This summer I experienced my first family holiday with a toddler. I've seen pictures of my childhood holidays and it always looks like we were having fun, so I wanted to make sure my child experienced some of the same. We chose to go to Lundy, my husband had been once before and said it was a quiet and relaxing place. I'm not sure anywhere is completely quiet or relaxing once you have a child with you, but Lundy was certainly a nice break from the everyday. We live in a busy area, which is great in many ways, we are never short of things to do, but it was nice to go somewhere where we could all slow down a bit.

And we did slow down, stopping at puddles and to point at sheep, stopping so I could photograph flowers, reading books when Merry was in bed. I think I read three books! That's more than I'd read since she was born, Rich even read some of his book too and he's carried on since we've been back.

I suppose what I'm trying to say is that holidaying with children is never going to be the same as holidaying as a couple, but you can relax, you will have fun. It does require slightly more organisation and preparation but once you are there, it's fantastic.

Now we have to decide where to go next...